How to Find Truck Driving Jobs with No Experience

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Finding truck driving jobs with no experience is easier than you might imagine. Unlike many other industries, the trucking industry, due to its nature, is in constant need of new drivers. At first glance, it may seem like every company requires at least one to two years experience. However, it’s not as bad as that, especially if you know where to look. We’ve put this guide together with inexperienced truck drivers in mind. We recognize that everyone has to start somewhere, and with this guide, you’ll know exactly where that somewhere is. 

How Do I Find a Trucking Job With No Experience?

Start applying

Unlike most other industries, applying for truck driving jobs is easier than you could dream of thanks to Tenstreet, a large recruitment company who has contracted with over 1600 trucking companies in the U.S. In fact, if you pick a random carrier, and go to their application page, you’re more than likely to be redirected to Tenstreet’s application page.

The nice thing about this is you have the option for your application to be made available to every company Tenstreet contracts with. This means that in most cases, you’ll only need to fill out one application. Another option is Between these two companies, most drivers are hired and on their way to orientation in as little as three days.  

Max out your CDL and endorsements

To maximize your employment opportunities, make sure you’ve obtained your Class A CDL and at a minimum pick up the tanker endorsement. Obtaining the hazmat and doubles/triples endorsements is a plus, however, most trucking companies that require these two endorsements also require additional years of experience. 

Be honest

Trucking companies that hire inexperienced drivers have no issue with your lack of experience, so don’t try to misrepresent yourself as having more experience. If you have any traffic tickets on your record, or accidents, tell them.

Most companies will work with you on these issues. But, if you are dishonest, they will still find out through background checks, then you’ll find it incredibly difficult to get hired anywhere. 

Be optimistic

As we said earlier, getting hired in the trucking industry with no experience and becoming a truck driver is easier than most people realize. Once you’ve submitted your application, you’ll be swamped with job offers.

Do your research

Because it’s likely that you’ll receive more than one job offer, it’s even more important to research the companies seeking to hire you. The demand for drivers is at such a constant high that instead of trucking companies interviewing you, it's more like you are interviewing them, to decide if they are who you want to sign with. You’ll want to find out if they are a good fit for you, your family, and your lifestyle.

Visit their websites, and go to your nearest truck stop to ask other drivers about the company. Important things to consider in researching a prospective trucking employer include things like their hometime policy, pay scale, pet policy (if you want to take your pet on the road with you), and any other concerns you may have. 

Where Should I Apply?

Here’s a list of some of the largest companies in the U.S. willing to hire truck drivers with no experience. Please note this is not an exhaustive list, and we encourage you to use Google and other resources to see who else out there is hiring. 

PAM Transport

  • 48 US states + southern Ontario
  • Headquarters: Arkansas
  • Requirements: can apply with driving license and are at least 21


  • Headquarters: Arizona
  • Over 30 service centers

TransAm Trucking

  • Headquarters: Kansas
  • Midwest, Southeast, Northeast and Mid-South regions
  • Requirements: valid driving license and at least 21

Swift Transportation

  • Headquarters: Arizona
  • Requirements: valid driving license, at least 21, good communication skills
  • Offers training and other support for drivers

Maverick Transportation

  • Headquarters: Arkansas
  • Student training program for inexperienced drivers (and student priority for employment)
  • Requirements: live within area of assignment, at least 21, valid driving license

Schneider National Inc.

  • Headquarters: Wisconsin
  • Requirements: at least 21, valid driving license, can apply online or in office 
  • Wide variety of trucks

US Xpress Inc.

  • Headquarters: Tennessee 
  • Services entire United States
  • Can earn up to $75,000 in first year

Covenant Transport

  • Headquarters: Tennessee
  • Requirements: at least 18, valid driving license, cover letter (for the most part)

Roehl Transport

  • Headquarters: Wisconsin
  • Offers CDL training, employment opportunities for both new and experienced drivers

KLLM Transport Services

  • Headquarters: Mississippi
  • Primarily transports perishables (temperature-controlled truckloads)
  • New drivers generally assigned to smaller trucks
  • Requirements: at least 21, valid driving license (can apply online)

Prime Inc.

  • Headquarters: Missouri 
  • Operates three divisions. Flatbed, refrigerated, and food tanker 
  • One of the best paying and thorough training programs for CDL students and new drivers in the industry
  • Operates in 48 states, with OTR, regional, and local positions available in select areas

How Do I Gain Experience as a New Truck Driver?

The only experience trucking companies recognize is driving a commercial vehicle, with a preference for regional or OTR experience. There’s really no other way, but fortunately, there are plenty of companies that hire drivers who have zero experience.

So, if you’re 21 years old or older, can pass a DOT physical, have a clean background, are not a drug user, and can read and write English, getting hired is pretty much a guarantee. If you don’t have a CDL yet, most of the companies that offer training programs can have you into orientation within a week or two, once you’ve passed the background checks.

They’ll even send you a bus ticket to get you to their training terminal. For anyone willing to become a truck driver, the industry is incredibly easy to break into and offers a wide range of benefits.

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