Freight fraud is on the rise. CloudTrucks will only communicate from the and domains. Please remain vigilant and contact us at if you suspect anything. 

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Why brokers love working with our fleet of owner-operators

Boosted load visibility

Showcase your loads to our large network of drivers. Our user-friendly app interface makes it easy for drivers to find, bid on and book your loads.

Closed Network

Our loadboard is only shared with drivers operating under our authority and we do not post to other loadboards. 

Dedicated support

Our support team monitors each shipment and provides on-demand support 24/7/365. They are here to help with any questions or issues. 

Safe & Flexible Drivers

We have safe, compliant and performance-oriented owner- operators with a wide variety of expertise to suit specific broker needs. 

Fraud Prevention

Automated checks and comprehensive onboarding processes help mitigate fraud, protect every shipment, and enforce compliance.

Simplified Technology Integrations

We integrate with brokers through API, RPA and TMS and we build automations,  easing your burden and making it simpler manage our partnership. 

Industry-leading providers who list their loads on CloudTrucks

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Who are CloudTrucks’ owner-operators?
Our drivers are 23+ yr olds with a clean driving record and holding a CDL for 2+ years. They cover nearly every major market in the US.
How does CloudTrucks manage performance if owner-operators have the freedom to find, negotiate and book their own loads?
CloudTrucks has a 24/7/365 support team to ensure quality (OTP, low cancellation rates, tracking communications and more) so your freight is treated with white gloves. 
How do you prevent double-brokering?
We educate our community on what to look out for so we and our partners are not impacted by double-brokering and other risks. If we ever receive any reports, our team has protocols in place to move quickly and mitigate threats.
I was contacted by someone who appears to be CloudTrucks but I’m suspicious - what should I do?
Thank you for being vigilant. CloudTrucks will only communicate from the and domains. If you received a suspicious or fraudulent email, send a copy of the suspected email and CloudTrucks will work with the relevant authorities toward a resolution.

To provide a copy of the fraudulent email you received, follow the simple steps below:

• Open the suspected email (From: fraudulent email To: you)
• Download the email as a file ‍
Google Gmail: Open the expanded menu by clicking the three dots on the right side of the email and click “Download message”
Microsoft Outlook: Open the expanded menu by clicking the three dots on the right side of the email and click “Save as”
• Send the downloaded mail file as an attachment to
Will my loads be listed through your brokerage CloudTrucks Exchange as well?
No - CloudTrucks Exchange operates separately. 
What should I do if I want to list my loads with CloudTrucks?
Please reach out to our team at

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