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Applying for a truck driving job without truck driving experience can seem like a difficult hill to climb at first. However, most drivers find that getting hired is much easier than expected. In fact, the vast majority of trucking companies won’t even require you to provide a resume, and this is because applying and getting hired as a truck driver is perhaps the single most streamlined hiring process across the full spectrum of businesses in the United States.

But, what if you find a trucking company that you really want to drive for and they happen to require a resume? If you happen upon this rare circumstance, staring at the blank page that needs to become your resume can be a bit overwhelming. 

In the event you are required to fill out a resume, we’ve put together an example resume and some expert resume writing tips you can use. 

Tips for Resume Writing

Use reverse-chronological format

Start your work experience section with your most recent job at the top and then the job before that, and so on. 

Set the tone

You get to decide how you present yourself; use things like the resume summary or career objective at the top (if you include one) to set the tone for what kind of employee you would be.

Highlight your strengths

A good place to include these is in the resume summary to catch the attention of the hiring manager right away; also be sure to include points under your experience that focus on your unique set of strengths 

Use active verbs

Avoid generic words like “tasked with,” “worked on,” “helped with,” etc.; maximize the space you have with verbs that say a lot about your strengths and what you have done; for truck driving in particular, consider using verbs that showcase your organizational skills, communication skills, reliability, etc. 

Use verbs like: maintain, load, ensure, transport, pickup, deliver, drive, operate, perform, coordinate, and safe. 

Draw attention to your certifications and qualifications

Most important is your Class A CDL, and make sure to include your endorsements.  

Include relevant skills

As with any resume, make sure the skills and experience you highlight are relevant to the specific job you are applying to. Some common skills for truck drivers include not only being able to drive but also:

  • Navigation skills
  • Physical abilities
  • Customer service
  • Safety skills

Be flexible

Templates for resumes are helpful, but they don’t always have to follow it exactly; tailor your resume to you, your experience, and the job you are applying for. 

How to Write a Truck Driver Resume

Truck Drivers with Experience

Career Summary

Class A CDL driver with 15 years of OTR experience with a clean driving record, and 100% on-time delivery. Full endorsements including tanker and hazmat with experience transporting hazardous materials, eager to drive for Gasoline Transport Trucking Company. 


  • Graduated from Anytown Highschool in 1998
  • Attended Anytown Votech truck driving program in 2001
  • Obtained Class A CDL in the state of Montana 2001


  • Strong communication skills
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Detail oriented
  • Safe driver with Safe Driving Award ten years in a row

Work Experience 

Big-Rig Express

Dates Employed: 2015 to Present Location: Galveston, Texas

  • Transported hydrochloric acid via tanker in the Southwest Region, including Arizona, New Mexico, California, and Nevada
  • 100% on-time deliveries
  • No accidents or incidents
Ice Cream Logistics

Dates Employed: 2007 to 2015 Location: Knoxville, Tennessee

  • Transported refrigerated products via reefer throughout the continental 48
  • 100% on-time deliveries
  • No accidents or incidents
  • Eight time Safe Driver Award recipient
Lonny’s Lumber Transport

Dates Employed: 2001 to 2007 Location: Brandsville, Missouri

  • Transported logs and lumber via flatbed trailer locally in southern Missouri
  • No accidents or incidents

This resume focuses on the primary metrics trucking companies are looking for:

  • Safe driving record
  • On-time deliveries
  • Types of driving experience
  • Endorsements

Truck Drivers with No Experience

Recent graduate of Big Earl’s Truck Driving School in Topeka, Kansas, eager to begin an over the road career. 


  • Obtained GED in 2018
  • Obtained Class A CDL in the state of Kansas in 2022

Work History

MacNCheeze Factory

Dates Employed: 2014 to 2018 Location: Topeka, Kansas

  • Mac and Cheese chef 
  • Prepared recipes for 28 flavors of Mac and Cheese
  • Filled customer orders
  • Provided outstanding customer service

This resume is simpler, as trucking companies are only interested in a clean driving record and a clean criminal background. For new drivers, your past work experience outside of trucking is of no interest to trucking companies, so you do not have to invest a lot of time in going through your work history. 

For education, the ability to read and write English is usually the only requirement, however, some companies will require at least a high school diploma or the GED equivalent.

Any special abilities such as communication skills, etc., are inconsequential, as the companies that hire drivers with no experience are only interested in the above mentioned clean driving record, clean criminal background, ability to pass a DOT physical, and possession of a Class A CDL. 

Most trucking companies do not bother with resumes, so that’s a big reason not to sweat it too much when it comes to writing a resume. They typically use a detailed application because they need information on your criminal history, driving history, etc. However, on the off chance a particular trucking job you want requires a resume, don’t worry. 

Writing your truck driver resume isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Whether you are a new driver applying to your first job, or an experienced driver looking for a change of scenery, use these tips and refer to the examples as you prepare and polish your resume. And if you’re a driver with experience, it may even be time to consider branching out on your own as an owner-operator. 

When you’re ready to take that step, visit our FAQ page to learn how CloudTrucks can put your career in the fast lane and sign up today.

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