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CloudTrucks Introduces Guaranteed Revenue Program for Owner-Operators

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CloudTrucks continues to redefine the standards of earning stability and independence for owner-operators

DALLAS, January 8, 2024 — CloudTrucks, a leading technology and service provider for trucking entrepreneurs, today launched its Guaranteed Revenue Program*, an initiative designed to empower owner-operators running under Virtual Carrier (VC) with financial stability and autonomy amid fluctuating market conditions. The Guaranteed Revenue Program offers stability and predictability akin to company driving while preserving the essence of independence and entrepreneurship that owner-operators cherish.

Under the program, CloudTrucks’ VC drivers will be able to maintain steady cash flow and forecast their weekly revenue without sacrificing their independence as business owners; they can earn up to $4,500 weekly guaranteed revenue at $2.25 per mile, far above the recent spot market averages. If a driver hits either one of the following weekly mileage thresholds, CloudTrucks will top off their revenue with the difference between their actual revenue and the applicable Guaranteed Revenue.

         - Revenue Guarantee for 2,000 Miles weekly: VC drivers driving at least 2,000 loaded miles each week over a two-week period can earn $4,500 weekly.

         - Revenue Guarantee for 1,500 Miles weekly: VC drivers driving at least 1,500 loaded miles each week over a two-week period can earn $3,250 weekly.

“CloudTrucks is helping us out in the tough market,” said Tory Matthews, owner-operator, Mr. Boone Logistics. “We still get the flexibility of maintaining our own business — picking our own loads, running regionally and being home on the weekends, if we choose to.”

“The freight market can be challenging and we recognize that many owner-operators need a reliable safety net right now,” said Tobenna Arodiogbu, co-founder and CEO, CloudTrucks. “When the market is challenging, owner-operators may feel the need to give up their entrepreneurial endeavors for earnings stability. We designed the Guaranteed Revenue Program to offer our drivers a bridge during income fluctuations and support their independence.”

The new Guaranteed Revenue Program underscores CloudTrucks' unwavering commitment to the wellbeing of its independent truck driver community. CloudTrucks also offers fuel discounts at over 200 independent truck stops across the country, as well as CloudCare for insurance, wellbeing and financial coverage through a partnership with Avibra. Additionally, CloudTrucks helps VC drivers set up self-serving maintenance savings funds so they can easily address maintenance issues without disrupting the health of their business. All programs are available at no additional cost for Virtual Carrier drivers.

Those who are interested in the Guaranteed Revenue Program and CloudTrucks’ additional offerings can apply to become a Virtual Carrier driver. Existing customers can connect with their business consultants to learn more.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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CloudTrucks is a technology provider empowering trucking entrepreneurs to make the most of every run. CloudTrucks’ powerful yet simple solutions streamline administrative bottlenecks and make it easier for drivers to run their business and produce more revenue. Since the company was founded in 2019, CloudTrucks has raised investments from Craft Ventures, Menlo Ventures, Tiger Global and other top venture firms, and facilitated nearly $200 million in payments to truck drivers across the United States. To learn more and join CloudTrucks’ growing network of small trucking businesses and owner-operators, visit

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