Software that powers efficient & effective fleets

Streamline your fleet operations with the TMS designed to manage your loads, drivers, and customer relationships, all in one place.
A truck's journey in the CT app, booking a load, tracking the load, and sending an invoice.

One platform to manage your entire fleet

The end-to-end solution you need to automate your day-to-day and grow your business faster.
Cloudtrucks Starter on your phone or desktop

Full fleet visibility

Dispatch loads directly to your driver in the CT mobile app and customize permissions to manage what they can see and do in-app. Easily keep track of critical tasks and documents, like load pick up or delivery, uploaded PODs, and more, to stay on top of fleet performance. 

Dispatch loads to drivers with one-click and they get alerted on their driver mobile app
Booking and managing loads has never been easier with our integrated load board and AI Load Generator

Automated load management with LoadBot™

Create a load from a ratecon in 1 minute or less! LoadBot™ is your fleet’s new AI assistant that gets your loads dispatched and paid out faster, with zero broker restrictions and unparalleled flexibility. Simply email or upload your ratecon and the load will be automatically added to your load board.

Live ELD freight tracking

Integrate your Motive ELD to know your load is at all times and get automated status updates. Reduce check calls from customers by easily sharing tracking info.

Track the live location of your load at all times and share status updates with your customers
Create and send invoices in the CT app

Invoice in seconds

Automatically create and send invoices to your customers in one-click. Track your invoices to make sure you get paid for every job. 

Easily monitor safety & compliance

Understand what’s impacting your fleet’s safety scores using our Safety Dash. Identify areas for improvement and deliver feedback to keep your fleet in good standing and improve reliability with customers.

Monitor your fleet's safety and compliance from an easy-to-use dashboard
CloudTrucks owner-operator Timothy Tookes portrait
“My business can grow because CloudTrucks puts so many tools into a single app. Every other load board has too much info or not enough, but with CT it’s just right. Plus, the ability to send a templated email is fantastic. I can’t imagine running my business without CloudTrucks.”
— Juan Pablo Guerrero, Shake & Bake Transportation LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of loads are available on CloudTrucks?

The majority of loads we show are Dry Van, Power Only, Flatbed, and Reefer across the United States. Depending on your fleet's preferences, you may also find Box Truck, Hot Shot, Sprinter Van, Tanker, and Hopper loads.

How much does the monthly Flex subscription cost?

The CloudTrucks Flex software starts at $30/month per user. If you're a fleet with 4 or more trucks, contact us for special pricing.

I have a large fleet, how much does the Flex subscription cost for my entire fleet?
I’m a dispatcher, can I use this software to find loads?

Yes, as a dispatcher you can integrate your load board and broker accounts to easily search for loads from all the major sources in one place. This makes it easier for you to find, book, and dispatch loads to your drivers without having to juggle multiple platforms.

I’m an admin or fleet business owner, can I use this software to find loads?

Yes, fleet admins can search and find loads for your drivers. You can also assign loads to different drivers, ensure they upload their BOL, and invoice your factoring company or broker, all from a single platform.

Power your fleet on CloudTrucks!

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