CT Credit

The no-fee credit card designed for truck drivers

Get fuel discounts and build business credit.
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CT Cash Card and app
No fees
No business credit needed
No personal guarantee
Get up to 20 cents off per gallon

Zero fees for you and your team

No account fees, late fees, or fees of any kind, so you can comfortably issue cards to your entire team.

Control cards for your whole team
spend anywhere Visa is accepted

A Visa card you can use anywhere

Pay for gas, food, lodging and more with a single card — use your CT Credit card anywhere Visa is accepted. It’s so much more than a fuel card.

Stay in control of your finances

Track your credit balance at any time and monitor spending across your team. Set custom spending limits for each cardholder in your fleet.

And if you factor with us through you’ll get a complete view of all your money coming in and out.

an overview of Credit transactions

Build business credit

CloudTrucks sets up your autopay, so your payments are always on-time. These on-time payments are reported to credit bureaus to help you build credit over time. Set your company up for financial opportunities when you need them and on better terms.

Fuel & maintenance discounts

Get access to exclusive fuel and maintenance discounts when you pay with your CT Cash or CT Credit cards.

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Pilot Flying J

Save 15¢ per gallon

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Road Ranger

Save 20¢ per gallon

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Exclusive maintenance discounts

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Tire & maintenance discounts

“The card has been really useful. I’ve been using it mostly for lumper services. It’s great to use as a backing for that! I think the limit is good because it keeps drivers from over extending themselves.”
— Elizabeth O’Daire, Ellie O’Daire Trucking, LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to apply for CT Credit?

We will ask you for recent bank statements to show proof of revenue. The application takes minutes and will not hurt your credit score.

Will it require a hard credit check to apply?

No we will not run a hard credit check and you do not need business credit to be approved for CT Credit.

What is the credit limit and how is it determined?

Credit limit is based on a variety of factors from our underwriting team. Proof of business revenue is the best way to qualify for a higher credit limit.

How can CT Credit help me build my business credit score?

Payments are set up on the 1st and 16th of every month so they’re on-time and reported to credit bureaus.

Why is it important to build my business credit score?

Business credit is essential to helping you qualify for future business loans that can help your business grow. Business credit takes time to build, so it’s better to start early.

Will CloudTrucks charge me any fees?

No, there are no fees of any kind. CT Credit has no setup fees, no transaction fees, no account fees, no late charge fees, and no interest fees!

What makes CT Credit different from traditional business credit cards?

Traditional business credit cards require a hard credit check on your personal credit in order to apply, which hurts drivers’ scores and makes it difficult for drivers who don’t have strong credit. We’re able to extend credit without a credit check because we set up auto payments twice a month to ensure drivers are not overextending themselves.

What makes CT Credit different from fuel cards?

Fuel cards act more like cash cards, so you need to deposit money onto your card in order to use it. Fuel cards also can only be used at fuel stations on fuel. With CT Credit, you get advance cash to use anywhere Visa is accepted - whether on fuel, food, groceries, lodging, tires or anything else.

Get started with CT Credit!

Start building your business credit.

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