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Paid in Minutes
Paid in 2–3 Days
2.5% Fee Non-recourse
5% Fee Non-recourse
Spot Factoring
Contract Factoring
Complete Flexibility
Rigid Contracts
Financial Insights
No Financial Insights
No Termination Fees
$5,500 Termination Fees

Instant access to your money

Get paid in minutes or up to 2 hours after uploading your Proof of Delivery in the CloudTrucks app.

Access your money immediately through your CloudTrucks Cash card or transfer funds to any bank.

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non-recourse payment

Your money always stays your money

Spend less time worrying about unpaid invoices. CloudTrucks takes on the credit risk of the broker, so you never have to buy back aging, unpaid invoices.

Search through our database of thousands of approved brokers or request a complimentary eligibility check on a new broker.

Flexibility = No commitments and no termination fees

Factoring with CloudTrucks is flexible and transparent. You choose when to start and stop working with us, without any annual contracts or termination fees. Your business deserves flexibility.

no commitments, no fees

Fuel & maintenance discounts

Get access to exclusive fuel and maintenance discounts when you pay with your CT Cash or CT Credit cards.

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Pilot Flying J

Save 15¢ per gallon

Road Ranger logo

Road Ranger

Save 20¢ per gallon

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Exclusive Maintenance Discounts

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Tire Discounts

Cash advance

Cash advance

Need money in advance? For a small fee, we’ll send up to 50% of a load so you can pay for any expenses while on the job.

business intelligence graphs

Business intelligence

Get a complete view of your revenue trends, income and expenses so you stay in control of your finances.

CT mobile app

Mobile app

No need to chase after paper invoices — ratecons, PODs, and payment status are all tracked in our app for life on the road.

CloudTrucks owner-operator Timothy Tookes portrait
“CT Cash has been amazing — we’re paid within hours of proof of delivery. Previously, it could take up to several weeks to get paid. CloudTrucks really does care about the experience of the drivers.”
— Mike Kasanda, CloudTrucks Owner-Operator, Illinois

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CT Cash?

CT Cash is non-recourse factoring that gets you paid instantly after uploading your Proof of Delivery.

What is the difference between recourse and non-recourse factoring?

Recourse factoring means that factoring companies can charge you for overdue invoices that the broker refuses to pay. Recourse factoring fees are typically lower, because you are required to buy back these unpaid invoices, which puts your cash flow at risk.

Non-recourse factoring means that the factoring company takes on the risk of the broker, so you don’t have to buy back unpaid invoices. CloudTrucks uses non-recourse factoring, so we take on the risk of the broker for you. We will never ask you to buy back overdue invoices, to give you peace of mind that your cash stays your cash.

How long will it take to get set up with CT Cash?

If you are not currently in a factoring agreement, we can set up your fleet in 1–2 business days.

What do I need to apply for CT Cash?
What fees do you charge for CT Cash?

We charge a flat 2.5% fee. We have no setup fees, termination fees, or any hidden fees.

Can I switch to CT Cash if I’m already in a factoring agreement?

Yes, our team at CloudTrucks can help you make that transition. Please reach out to us to get the process started.

Does CT Cash include access to your load board?

No, CT Cash is instant payment and financial management only. If you would like access to our load board, please see our Flex product.

CT Cash is available on its own or included with Virtual Carrier and Flex

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