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Our engineering team is pushing the limits when building the future platform for truckers to run better businesses.

We highly value autonomy, ownership, and delivering results — in short, whatever it takes to set our customers up for success. We encourage each other to push the envelope, execute quickly, and be resilient to failure. We are dedicated to delivering an above-and-beyond customer experience while respecting and celebrating each other’s personal backgrounds, values, and commitments.

We take pride in seeing the outsized impact on our product, and have memorable experiences learning and growing alongside a truly exceptional set of peers.

In this blog, you’ll get a chance to peek behind the curtain at some of the exciting work we’re doing at the intersection of trucking and software engineering. We’ll have both technical posts detailing interesting challenges, such as optimizing schedules for revenue and regulatory compliance, as well as spotlight articles to get to know our engineering team members better.

As with most engineering blogs, our target audience will mainly be fellow engineers (who we hope will consider joining us — we’re hiring!), but we hope it will also be of interest to technologically inclined truckers, trucking-inclined technologists, and lots of other folks!


Jin Shieh — CTO & Co-founder
George Ezenna — Co-founder

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