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Easy to use automated dispatching service helps owner operators optimize their schedules and drive smarter

San Francisco, Calif.  October 7, 2020 - CloudTrucks, the virtual trucking carrier, announced today it has launched the CloudTrucks Schedule Optimizer, an automated dispatching service that helps independent drivers dispatch themselves across multiple brokers and shippers on the CloudTrucks network.  By leveraging technology and data science, CloudTrucks is helping truckers plan and optimize their routes, avoid downtime and increase their earnings. 

Every driver on the CloudTrucks platform can now enter a few parameters such as current location and where they would like to be at the end of the week, and the CloudTrucks Optimizer will build a customized, feasible schedule across 1,000+ loads in as little as 3 minutes. This allows the driver to plan and book a schedule with confidence knowing that the CloudTrucks data science and dispatch teams have their back.

The dirty little secret in trucking is that the drivers do all of the work but capture very little of the revenue. One of the major problems is that drivers have not had good tools to help them pick the best loads for their schedule. This has led to millions of empty miles and subpar rates. Increasingly complex HOS (Hours of Service) rules, facility delays and constantly changing freight rates have all led to poor optimization. 

“CloudTrucks Schedule Optimizer works like magic. In fact, the entire CloudTrucks app is a God send. It’s all so easy to use and constantly improving. I have never had such an amazing experience in my 6 years as a trucker.”
— Milton Curry, a leased-on operator with CloudTrucks

How it works:

CloudTrucks Schedule Optimizer does all the work of building a feasible schedule with loads from multiple brokers (including top brokers around the country) while taking into account estimated facility delays, up to date driver hours of service and updated estimated rates for every load. To get started: 

  1. Select your preferences. Let the Optimizer know how frequently you want to be home, the maximum weight you would like to carry and any states to exclude from your schedule.
  2. Select dates. Let the Optimizer know for which dates you want a schedule built.
  3. Review and book. Review your optimized schedule including rate per mile, rate per hour, total miles etc. and book your schedule. 

The schedule optimizer is now available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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