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Introducing the Truckers & Nerds Podcast by CloudTrucks

Eche Emole

Content Producer


Today, we announce the launch of the Truckers & Nerds podcast where we connect real life truckers with founders of freight tech companies. Listeners to our show will gain valuable insights into the technological innovations in the trucking industry from the perspectives of the truckers that keep our country moving, and the nerds building the tools to make their jobs easier.

With this podcast we hope to empower trucking entrepreneurs to have the freedom to focus on what’s important in their lives. In this season of Truckers and Nerds, we cover everything from the role of fintech and instant payments to the impact of Covid on the trucking industry and what we should expect in the future. In the first episode, we chat with Jason Hurley. Jason Hurley has been a truck driver for over 18 years and an owner operator for 10 years. Jason shares his journey as a truck driver, his 10 years experience as an owner operator, his interests and thoughts on technological advancements in the trucking Industry, and his excitement about the future of trucking.

Truckers & Nerds is hosted by Tobenna Arodiogbu, CEO and founder of CloudTrucks.

Listen and subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Jamit, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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