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New trucking management software has rendered many of the old ways of doing business obsolete. Companies that leverage technology for their trucking business management grow faster and make more money than those who do not take advantage of the tools available.

Trucking companies that want to remain competitive in today's market need to keep up with digitization across the industry. To keep your company competitive, we’ve put together this article to highlight the benefits of applying technological advances to your business.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Trucking Management Software?

Move faster

Trucking management software enables all your business-related processes and activities to be carried out with greater speed - find and book loads faster, get paid faster, find all of your critical documents faster, etc. The ability to move quickly benefits both your drivers and your company as a whole and these benefits are transferred to your customers in the form of timely deliveries. This ability to move quickly can also enhance your company’s image as a competent, efficient, and effective carrier. 

Manage client databases

Trucking management software allows for quick and secure access to vital information that is centrally located for both you and your customers, resulting in swift and consistent transactions. 

Eliminate potential errors

Automated processes reduce the potential for human error. Automation is particularly important for functions like billing, where a small mistake can have a huge impact on your business.

By using trucking management software, you are spared the consequences of errors, thus enabling you and your team to focus your time and effort on growing your company’s business. 

Reduces operational overhead expenses

Automating your backend office processes can help you save money. You can reduce staff and avoid having to pay overtime. You can free up your capital and put it towards your top growth opportunities such as expanding fleet capacity, equipment upgrades, and marketing. 

Increased market intelligence

With the right trucking management software you can have real-time market data at your fingertips. You can more accurately follow and predict trends and make adjustments sooner for either profit or protection. 

What Features Do You Need in Trucking Management Software?

To get the most out of your trucking management software you first need to determine which areas of your business you want to benefit from a technological upgrade. Are there any particular problems are trying to solve? For small trucking companies, trucking management software can impact all aspects of the business. However, even if you are planning to do a full upgrade of everything in your business, it’s helpful to prioritize areas of your business that will benefit the most and start your technological upgrade there.

Here is a list of several key areas where trucking management software should be a priority for every company:

GPS equipment tracking

GPS capabilities track the location of each unit/load at all times so you can enhance your load planning efficiency, locate abandoned or stolen equipment, and provide accurate ETA information to your customers. 

Warehouse management integration

Assess your customers' storage facilities and capabilities for more efficient “just in time” operations. You can better anticipate and respond to your large contract customers' needs in a timely manner, further improving your customer service and working relationships. 

Customizable comprehensive reports of your company’s data

Observe the full spectrum of trends relevant to your business needs. Furthermore, you can compare your company data with up to date commercial and industry data to benchmark your company’s performance. 

Product quality assurance functions

Monitor the condition of the products you are transporting -- for example, remote temperature monitoring for refrigerated loads. By tracking conditions that can impact the quality of the cargo you can minimize the potential for costly cargo loss. 

Price and availability of raw materials

If you are in the business of transporting raw materials, this can be an important offering to look for in trucking business management software. With pricing and availability information for raw materials on hand, you can better position your fleet to capture lucrative short term trends in the markets. 

Load status, location, and monitoring

Your sales and planning departments will benefit from software with load status, location and monitoring features for every truck in your fleet. With that information in hand they can maximize your profit potential and deliver outstanding customer service by keeping your fleet loaded, moving, and on time. 

Control of costs and fleet's condition

  • Help with maintaining control of the costs associated with each order and each driver, such as gas price, mileage, fee payments, credit allowance and more.
  • Control the fleet's condition and type-specific data, such as equipment turnover, routine maintenance scheduling, training schedules, and trailer unit distribution.

Route optimization

Calculate the most efficient route in terms of time and fuel to minimize empty miles, improve on time delivery rates, and maximize fuel efficiency.

Centralized information

Centralize all the information associated with your operations. By having all the necessary data at your fingertips, you and your staff will be able to immediately address customer questions and concerns, further enhancing your customer service capabilities and image. 

Nationwide fuel price monitoring and fuel stop scheduling

Monitor fuel prices nationwide and schedule your drivers’ fuel stops. You can plan routes in a way that lowers your operational costs and increases your potential for scraping additional profits via your fuel surcharge.

Traffic condition monitoring

Monitoring traffic and weather conditions enables you to provide your drivers timely information to adjust their routes to avoid costly delays. 

App-based booking

This will give you the ability to quickly lock in the best paying loads before your competition has a chance to act. 

Comprehensive finance tracking

By tracking every penny that flows into and out of your company, you will have an accurate picture of your business’s financial health at all times. Plus, it will save you time and headaches associated with taxes and regulatory compliance like IFTA.

Twenty-first century trucking requires twenty-first century solutions. Trucking companies are able to do more with less when they leverage the power of technology.

With the right trucking management software you will have a deeper understanding of your company’s operations, operate more efficiently, manage your capacity more effectively, and increase the quality of your customer service.

When you add those benefits up, they equal more growth, more profits, and more success. 

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