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Introducing our Guaranteed Revenue Program for Owner Operators

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We couldn’t be more excited to introduce our newest program for Virtual Carrier drivers: Guaranteed Revenue. We designed this special initiative to support our owner-operators getting started on their independence journey, ensuring they enjoy financial stability and autonomy even in the face of fluctuating market conditions.

Guaranteed Revenue with Entrepreneurial Freedom

The Guaranteed Revenue Program is uniquely crafted to provide owner-operators with the consistent and predictable revenue that is typically only associated with company driving roles. However, it retains the core values of independence and entrepreneurship that are deeply valued in the trucking community.

Key Features of the Program:

Steady Cash Flow and Revenue Forecasting: Our new Virtual Carrier owner-operators can now enjoy a stable cash flow and accurately predict their weekly revenue without compromising their independence and business ownership. 

Competitive Earnings: As long as they hit their weekly mileage targets, participants in the program can have their revenue topped up and earn at rates that significantly surpass recent averages observed in the spot market.

Mileage-Based Revenue Guarantee:

  • This program will look at the total loaded miles and total revenue generated during that time period to determine payout eligibility based on 2 distinct ways to earn as detailed below:
    • Guaranteed Revenue: Run at least 4,000 loaded miles every 2 weeks (2,000 loaded miles per week) and you’ll earn a minimum of $9,000 gross revenue ($4,500 gross per week)
      • If a driver completes 4,000 loaded miles and earns a $9,000 gross revenue guarantee for the 2 weeks, they'll earn $2.25/mile
    • Per Mile Top-Up: Run between 2,000 and 4,000 loaded miles every 2 weeks (1,000 to 2,000 loaded miles per week) and you’ll earn an extra $.10 per mile, for a maximum of $200
      • If a driver completes 3,999 loaded miles for the 2 weeks they’ll earn an extra $199.90

Drivers are eligible for the program for the first two full delivery periods (~28 days total) after completing their first delivery with CloudTrucks. Additional terms and conditions apply. The program is not applicable to drivers with revenue exceeding guaranteed minimums. Sign up to learn more.

A Solution for Market Fluctuations

We are all well aware of the challenges within the freight market and we know that owner-operators need reliability right now. Our goal with the Guaranteed Revenue Program is to provide our drivers with a dependable source of income during periods of market uncertainty, and support their continued independence and entrepreneurial spirit. 

“CloudTrucks is helping us out in the tough market. We still get the flexibility of maintaining our own business — picking our own loads, running regionally and being home on the weekends, if we choose to.” – Tory Matthews, owner-operator, Mr. Boone Logistics.

Supporting Independent Truck Drivers

We have a few more initiatives underscoring our commitment to the well-being of the independent truck driver community. Owner-operators running with CloudTrucks Virtual Carrier are also eligible for:

  • Fuel Discounts: Available at over 200 independent truck stops nationwide
  • CloudCare: In partnership with Avibra, we offer insurance, wellbeing, and financial coverage
  • Maintenance Savings Funds: We assist owner-operators in setting up funds for maintenance issues, ensuring uninterrupted business operations

All of these are available at no additional cost for Virtual Carrier drivers.  

Joining the CloudTrucks Community

Interested owner-operators are encouraged to apply to join our Virtual Carrier fleet. Existing customers can reach out to their business consultants for more information on the Guaranteed Revenue Program and other services offered.

Note: Terms and conditions apply to the Guaranteed Revenue Program.

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