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Hello CloudTrucks family!

We had a jam-packed few months from April to June with tons of new features added to both the Virtual Carrier and Flex programs.

Our mission continues to be to use data and technology to make it easier for owner-operators and fleet owners to run efficient and profitable trucking businesses, and we’re continuing to add new features and partnerships with the same idea in mind.

Here’s a snapshot of some of our favorite new releases from the past few months:

Virtual Carrier

🚚 9 New Brokers + Filtered Search Results

Our comprehensive load board shows 300k loads per day, filtered so that you can more confidently book any load you see. We also partnered with 9 new brokers to provide you with even more high quality loads, including Nolan Transport, Stord, Mode, DART, Matson, FreightVana, Fura, Kingsgate, and RL Global.

🔔 Deductions Notifications

Deductions can be a real point of stress… and we want to change that. Fleet admins now get notifications when a new deduction is added, when a deduction has been paid off, and an end of week summary of any outstanding balances. We hope this makes it easier to stay on track so you can focus on growing your business and keeping more money in your pocket!

🔊 Job Notifications

We’re all about time savings, which is why we updated our job status notifications to add more transparency to the load booking process. Now you know when we’re reviewing your ratecon, if your POD was rejected, when your booking is confirmed, and when payment has been issued, saving you time spent calling in to ask about status!

📚 Permit Book Updates

Keeping your documents up-to-date to pass inspections with a breeze has never been easier with our permit book updates. Now drivers can update documents that are expired or expiring soon directly in the CT app!

🥗 CloudCare: FREE Health & Wellness Perks

We partnered with Avibra to bring you CloudCare - insurance, wellness, and financial perks at no cost to you. Reach out to to activate your package today so you can access AD&D, life, and dental insurance, a 24/7 well-being advisor, and more!


📍 Live Location Tracking

Improve your fleet’s operational efficiency and boost your customer experience with live load location tracking. Get notifications when a load status changes and eliminate check calls to drivers. Share the same tracking info with your customers so they can follow along on their time.

👤 Driver Permissions

Run your fleet the way you want by setting permissions to control if your drivers can view the CT load board, book their own loads, and see rates for their dispatched loads.

💡 Load Generator

Create loads and add them to your jobs list faster than ever. Upload your ratecon and the Load Generator will use AI technology to take all the important information and automatically create the load for you - no manual data entry needed!

🦺 Safety Dashboard

Monitor your fleet’s safety and compliance from a single, easy-to-use dashboard. Use these insights to quickly identify areas for improvement and deliver feedback and coaching to keep your fleet in good safety standing with continued access to higher quality loads.

🔊 Job Notifications

As soon as you dispatch a load to a driver, they get SMS & push notifications during critical moments of the job, including to check in at pick-up, drop-off, and mark a load as delivered.

And for all our customers…

✈️ Expedia & Discounts

Time for that summer vacation! Save 10% on hotels, 8% on activities, and 4% on vacation packages booked through Expedia and save 10% on hotels booked through Reach out to to access these discount codes!  

We’re not stopping here. We have plenty of awesome new features launching over the next few months. Stay tuned!

–The CloudTrucks team

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