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CloudTrucks Launches Individual Safety Scorecards for Owner-Operators

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CloudTrucks Virtual Carrier drivers can now build their independent safety profiles and secure the best loads to grow their business

DALLAS, May 9, 2024 — CloudTrucks, a leading technology and service provider for trucking entrepreneurs, today launched safety scorecards for owner-operators driving under the Virtual Carrier solution. The new safety scorecards offer owner-operators performance-based and data-driven safety scores for their businesses. Even while driving under CloudTrucks’ authority, owner-operators can now leverage their personalized safety profiles to establish independent relationships with brokers and shippers and secure the best possible loads for their operation.

Traditionally, safety data has been spread across multiple platforms including the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), electronic logging devices (ELDs) and companies’ own tracking systems, making it difficult for drivers and their teams to comprehensively understand their safety performance. Owner-operators have also typically been assigned the safety score of the carrier they drive for, which may not reflect their individual safety practices. A driver may have a flawless safety performance but if they are driving for a carrier whose overall safety score is not as strong, that driver may not be able to work with brokers and shippers who only consider the overall carrier score. CloudTrucks’ new safety scorecards empower drivers with summaries of their own safety performance, independent of the carrier's score. 

The safety scorecards aggregate data from multiple sources, including drivers’ on-road performance from ELDs, operational metrics from the FMCSA as well as driver history from CloudTrucks data. Armed with scorecards highlighting metrics such as accidents, violations, inspections, HOS infractions and suspensions, Virtual Carrier drivers can showcase their responsibility and professionalism to build relationships with brokers and shippers looking for safe and reliable partners. They can also maintain a comprehensive understanding of their safety performance to improve operations and records as needed for their own businesses. CloudTrucks business consultants can also reference safety scorecards to help owner-operators lessen their risk of safety related incidents. 

"Safety scorecards promote safe driving," said Derryl Belknap, owner-operator. "When we can log in and see our safety data each day, it helps us drive more wisely and encourages improvement. Plus, these safety summaries are a great resource to have in our back pocket when we're pitching ourselves to work with a new broker or shipper."

"With all the new innovation and technology in the trucking industry, there is a new opportunity to promote a more fair and efficient safety management system for owner-operators,” said Damien Hutchins, head of safety and compliance, CloudTrucks. “As a technology platform dedicated to empowering trucking entrepreneurs, we want to put the driver safety data we have into their own hands. Owner-operators can proactively manage their safety profiles, showcase themselves independently from the broader carrier profile and grow their businesses.” 

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