Do I need my own federal authority?

No, CloudTrucks has DOT and MC numbers that you drive under.

Does CloudTrucks provide drivers with equipment?

No, CloudTrucks does not own its own trucks. However, CloudTrucks also partners with major truck leasing companies to provide lease-to-own options for equipment.

Does CloudTrucks have a plates program?

Yes, CloudTrucks can help you get plates if you do not already have your own.


How do I get loads?

The CloudTrucks mobile app surfaces loads from a number of different brokers and loadboards. Some can be booked instantly through the app, while others require a bid to be submitted either directly through the app, or with the assistance of CloudTrucks' dispatch team. You'll never need to call a broker if you don’t want to.

The CloudTrucks App is available in the Google Play store for Android users and in the App Store for iPhone users.

Can CloudTrucks help me find loads?

The CloudTrucks dispatch team is on call to help you create a revenue maximizing driving program, optimizing for where and how you want to drive. We will never force dispatch you; you choose the loads that are best for you. Also, ask our team about the CloudTrucks Schedule Optimizer.

What kinds of loads are offered by CloudTrucks?

CloudTrucks currently supports general freight — Dry Van and Power Only (drop and hook) loads.

Can I haul loads that I find on my own?

Yes, drivers can haul freight for brokerages that are not currently integrated with the CloudTrucks mobile app. Please note that CloudTrucks needs to approve the broker and still collects an 18% fee on those loads.


Are there any up front fees to drive with CloudTrucks?

No, CloudTrucks does not collect any payment up front to join our team.

What are the costs of driving with CloudTrucks?

CloudTrucks charges a 13% service fee on all brokerage (spot market) loads.

How much does CloudTrucks’ insurance cost the driver?

To be on CloudTrucks' insurance (auto liability and cargo insurance), each driver pays the greater of $150 per week or 5% of the gross load value. This is not charged up front, but rather taken out as you complete loads over the course of the week.

Do drivers need any other insurance?

Drivers who own or lease their own equipment need to provide physical damage and occupational accident coverage in addition to the auto liability and cargo coverage provided by CloudTrucks. Our rate includes auto liability and cargo insurance, too.

What else are drivers responsible for?

Drivers are responsible for tolls, IFTA (we will calculate this for you), scales and permits.


How do I get paid?

You are paid instantly after the CloudTrucks team verifies your proof of delivery. Verification of POD typically occurs within 12 hours of your signed Bill of Lading (Proof of Delivery) being uploaded through the CloudTrucks app.

Does quick payment cost extra? Do I need to use a factoring company?

No, you don’t need to work with a factoring company when you work with CloudTrucks. Quick pay by CloudTrucks is free regardless of the broker or shipper.

Does CloudTrucks handle collection of accessorial charges, such as TONUs, detention, or lumper charges?

Yes, the CloudTrucks Customer Success Team works with the brokers and shippers to ensure that drivers are paid all accessorial charges that they are owed.