Introducing Virtual Carrier, Flex, and CT Cash by CloudTrucks

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In this special episode of Truckers and Nerds, we announce the launch of our suite of products at CloudTrucks — Virtual Carrier, Flex, and CT Cash.

Tobenna sits down with:

  • George Ezenna — CloudTrucks co-founder who led the engineering on Flex & CT Cash
  • Leonid Pekelis — Head of Data Science at CloudTrucks who led the efforts on our Business Intelligence tool
  • Akiko Ito — Who runs design at CloudTrucks and led all the design efforts across all these different products

In today’s episode we discuss:

  • The launch of Flex and CT Cash for owner operators — George Ezenna
  • The launch of our Business intelligence tool — Leonid Pekelis
  • The design choices made by our design team and how we ultimately created a product that works seamlessly for owner operators — Akiko Ito
  • How long it takes to build and ship products like Business intelligence, Flex, & CT Cash

Truckers & Nerds is hosted by Tobenna Arodiogbu, CEO and founder of CloudTrucks.

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