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Introducing CloudTrucks Exchange: A Fresh Approach to Trucking Efficiency and Reliability

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At CloudTrucks, we've always been driven by innovation and progress. Over time, we've come to realize that efficiency and predictability in the trucking industry can be inconsistent. We're determined to change that, and today, we're thrilled to introduce CloudTrucks Exchange, made possible through our strategic acquisition of Shipwell's brokerage. With the addition of Exchange to our range of services, we're ready to usher in a brighter future where efficiency and reliability in the trucking industry are not just ideals but the standard.

Bringing New Benefits to a Complex Market

Despite the challenges in today's trucking market, our commitment to delivering value to our drivers and partners remains as strong as ever. This acquisition represents our latest effort to improve the operational experiences of those who drive our industry forward.

By integrating Shipwell’s brokerage services with our innovative Virtual Carrier approach, we're diversifying our offerings, opening up more consistent revenue opportunities for our drivers and providing additional support to our partners, including shippers.

Empowering Our Drivers with More Opportunities

The cornerstone of this partnership is the stability it will offer our drivers. By integrating Exchange’s large network into our operations, we’ll provide CloudTrucks drivers with access to a more consistent flow of loads. This consistent availability of work translates into a stable stream of revenue, and with more miles on the road, higher earnings. We believe this prioritization of financial security marks a significant move towards recognizing the crucial contribution of our drivers to both our daily lives and the broader economy.

Expanded Capacity for Shippers

For our shipper partners, this partnership translates into more choices, expanded capacity, and enhanced reliability. This expansion ensures that we can cater to a diverse range of shipping needs, accommodating more requests and delivering with improved efficiency. In addition to our established direct contract freight partnerships, we also now offer a broader range of options to help meet specific shipping needs. Shipper partners now have the flexibility to choose to move freight through Exchange or continue to work exclusively with our Virtual Carrier drivers.

Heading Towards a Brighter Future

The launch of Exchange marks a significant milestone in our journey, signifying our dedication to advancing the trucking industry. With this exciting addition, we're not only expanding our driver community's access to loads and revenue opportunities, but also strengthening our ability to support shippers in transporting their freight reliably and efficiently. Join us as we set our sights on a future filled with brighter possibilities and improved efficiency.

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