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New Research Suggests Most Americans Are in Favor of More Truck Parking, But Not in their Backyards

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CloudTrucks’ latest research indicates most Americans highly value truck drivers and support establishing more parking to keep drivers safe

Dallas, TX., March 14, 2023 — CloudTrucks, a leading technology and service provider for trucking entrepreneurs, today released findings from its 2023 Truck Parking Shortage Survey. The nationwide survey revealed that while most Americans regard truck drivers favorably and value their service, many are not aware of the chronic parking issues faced by drivers. Once understanding the parking shortage and the safety hazards it presents for truck drivers, Americans recognize it as an important issue and favor the establishment of more truck parking through government support – as long as the truck parking is not built in their backyards. 

CloudTrucks surveyed 1,000 adults from across the United States about their general perceptions of truck drivers and whether they had heard of the truck parking shortage. The survey subsequently presented descriptions and data on the shortage from the American Transportation Research Institute and Federal Highway Administration, and asked respondents about their opinions on possible solutions. 

Key findings from the survey include: 

  • Americans highly value truck drivers and their service – Respondents said they feel truck drivers are “overworked” (82%), “underpaid” (58%) and “safer drivers than the general public” (50%), illustrating a mismatch between how much we value drivers’ services and how they are recognized. 
  • The truck parking shortage and its impacts are not well known among the general public – 56% of respondents said they had never heard of the truck parking shortage and 21% did not know that drivers typically sleep in their vehicles, indicating that many individuals are unaware of the safety risks drivers face without dedicated truck parking.
  • Most Americans are in favor of more truck parking, but not too close to their homes – When presented with descriptions and data on the issue, 86% of all respondents called the parking shortage a “significant” or “critical” problem and 90% said increased public awareness of the issue is necessary. 95% of respondents support the construction of new overnight parking facilities for truck drivers, but the majority (80%) would only support facilities that are at least 3 miles from their homes. 
  • Many feel government support is needed to address the parking shortage and support truck drivers – 67% called for increased government funding for truck parking infrastructure, such as truck stops and rest areas; 43% called for relaxed zoning and land use regulations in order to make way for more parking; and 40% advocated providing tax incentives to truck stop chains and other private companies to create more parking.

“It is well known across the trucking industry that providing drivers with more parking will boost safety and productivity, and it is promising to see widespread support for more truck parking from the general public,” said Tobenna Arodiogbu, co-founder and CEO, CloudTrucks. “We support solutions like the Truck Parking Safety Improvement Act and seek to establish parking partnerships for our own drivers. We all can play a part in ensuring that the resources provided to truck drivers are proportional to how much we value their service in our economy.”

Click here to read the full 2023 Truck Parking Shortage Survey.

New research shows most Americans don't know there is a nationwide truck parking crisis. Most Americans are in favor of more truck parking and want government to act now to address the shortage - as long as the new parking is not in their backyard.

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