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Get the only mobile TMS designed for life on the road.
A truck's journey in the CT app, booking a load, tracking the load, and sending an invoice.

Business management made easy

Manage all aspects of your fleet in a single app and get set up in minutes. Find and book loads, generate invoices, and track your finances with ease.
Cloudtrucks Starter on your phone or desktop

Powerful load search

Access and book from 130k+ new loads daily. CloudTrucks also lets you know the hottest markets so you always know where to go.

130K+ new loads daily
CT Estimates give price insights on every load

Data that makes you money

No one else gives you suggested prices on every load. We use data from millions of loads to help you decide what price to negotiate, so you always make the most money.

Send invoices in seconds

Finish a job. Generate an invoice in one click. Get paid. CloudTrucks makes it that easy.

Create and send invoices in the CT app
Assign loads to drivers in your fleet

For fleets of all sizes

Invite drivers to your fleet to let them self-dispatch or to manage their loads and assign jobs.

CloudTrucks owner-operator Timothy Tookes portrait
“My business can grow because Starter puts so many tools into a single app. Every other load board has too much info or not enough, but with Starter it’s just right. Plus, the ability to send a templated email is fantastic. I can’t imagine running my business without CloudTrucks Starter.”
— Juan Pablo Guerrero, Shake & Bake Transportation LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of loads are available on CloudTrucks?

We show Dry Van, Power Only, Flatbed, and Reefer loads across the United States.

How much does the monthly Starter subscription cost?

The CloudTrucks Starter software costs $99/month per user and includes access to 20+ load provider integrations.

I have a large fleet, how much does the Starter subscription cost for my entire fleet?
I’m a dispatcher, can I use this software to find loads?

Yes, as a dispatcher you can easily search for loads from 25 major load boards in one place. This makes it easier for you to find and book loads for your drivers, as well as assign loads to each driver.

I’m an admin or fleet business owner, can I use this software to find loads?

Yes, fleet admins can search and find loads for your drivers. You can also assign loads to different drivers, ensure they upload their BOL, and invoice your factoring company or broker, all from a single app.

How can I apply for the CT Credit card on top of my Starter subscription?

Manage your business with CloudTrucks!

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