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CloudTrucks is announcing a new program, Road to Independence, in partnership with top truck dealerships and rental companies around the country. Through this program, experienced company drivers with 3+ years experience can lease or purchase a high-quality truck from our partners with as little as $0 down payment.

In September of 2019, just as CloudTrucks was getting started, I flew out to Kentucky to meet with CloudTrucks adviser Chad Boblett. Sitting in his truck, Chad and I talked about all of the pain points that truck drivers face on a daily basis—from finding and booking loads to negotiating a fair rate with a broker and getting paid in a timely manner. However, one specific problem stuck out more than most as Chad mentioned: “It is extremely difficult to purchase your first truck as an owner-operator.” He went on to describe in great detail his own personal experience transitioning from a company driver to an owner operator in 2007.

Not only did Chad have great credit in 2007, he had over six years of experience as a truck driver and an amazing safety record. He was also a veteran and previously served in Fallujah, Iraq. Despite all of this, even though Chad found it extremely easy to get credit cards with high limits, he could not convince any banks to loan him money to purchase a truck that would allow him to continue to earn revenue. Given the lack of options, he decided to bet on himself, and purchased his first truck by maxing out all of his credit cards.

Today, Chad is a very successful owner-operator and runs Rate per Mile Masters,  an online community where 30k+ owner operators come together everyday to learn to be successful business owners.

Fast forward a few months after this conversation to the start of the pandemic in 2020 — while the country -- and the world -- fell into deep uncertainty and most industries had to layoff their workforce, we teamed up with Uber and Coop by RyderTM to provide experienced truck drivers with an opportunity to continue to make a living for themselves and their families. Once again, we saw firsthand that a lot of experienced drivers didn’t always have a clear path to owning their first truck and are stuck in bad situations despite their valuable skill set. This is deeply unfair and we are changing that today.

That's why we're partnering with Premier Truck Group, CrossRoads leasing, and OTR leasing to launch a new lease-to-own program designed to help drivers get the equipment they need with as little as $0 down. For those truck drivers who need a shorter term option, we have also partnered with Coop by RyderTM who can provide daily and weekly rental truck options.

We have spent the past year and a half building the best technology to ensure the success of those trucking entrepreneurs around the country, and we are happy to have the support of these pioneering equipment partners who share our vision for enabling the independence of company drivers.

Learn more about Road to Independence program requirements and contact us to get started with CloudTrucks today.

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